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At Chicago Booth, our mission is simple: to create knowledge with enduring impact, and to educate current and future leaders.

This mission forms the foundation of academic life at Booth—from our educational philosophy and transformative MBA curriculum to faculty research and lively classroom discussions and debates. Here's how we're different:

Our Educational Philosophy

At Booth, we believe that rigorous inquiry inspires insights. We call our educational philosophy The Chicago Approach. We teach you how to turn any business challenge—no matter how small or large—into an opportunity. You will learn how to think for yourself, challenge the status quo, and ground discoveries in data.

A Transformative MBA Curriculum

Our MBA curriculum is rooted in the fundamentals of business: accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics. By developing a deep understanding of these fundamental areas of business, you will acquire an astute, agile, and analytical approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

The World’s Leading Business School Faculty

Since 1982, nine of our faculty members have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, and three of those Nobel laureates teach here now. But the faculty at Booth are more than scholars of the highest caliber. Our faculty are passionate teachers and mentors, dedicated to ensuring that you receive a world-class business education and feel supported along the way.

An Engaging Classroom Experience

Debate and discussion are the principal modes of learning in Booth classrooms. You'll take an active role in uncovering the ideas and facts that underlie today’s pressing business issues. You’ll also learn in a wide variety of ways. From the case method to experiential lab courses to hands-on group projects, you’ll build skills and agility to tackle complex business challenges in any industry, for the rest of your life.

“Chicago Booth combines a strong background in the disciplines with outstanding applied courses, which should serve students well throughout their post-MBA careers.”
—Eugene F. Fama, Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance

Customize Your MBA

Choose from 13 concentrations and develop a deeper knowledge in the areas of business that most interest you. Some of our concentrations are STEM eligible.

Learn to Lead

Prepare to guide people and organizations to better outcomes. Your growth as a leader is central to your Chicago Booth MBA experience.

Take a Global View

Learn how our international programs and study abroad opportunities will expand your horizons and prepare you to succeed.

Our Research and Teaching Centers

MBA students at Booth have access to 13 high-powered centers that engage students in research, host workshops and conferences, and support faculty research projects.

Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation

As Booth’s social impact hub, the center offers hands-on learning opportunities, supports innovative courses, and pursues research—all with the goal of developing people and practices with the potential to solve the world’s biggest problems.

James M. Kilts Center for Marketing

The Kilts Center for Marketing advances marketing at Booth by facilitating faculty research, supporting innovation in Booth’s marketing curriculum, funding scholarships, and creating engaging programs.

Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership

The Davis Center is an incubator and proving ground for generating new insights about leadership that impact education, practice, and discovery for future generations of students.

Center for Decision Research

Positioned at the forefront of the rapidly developing field of behavioral science, CDR is devoted to building a richer understanding of human behavior and experience.

Initiative on Global Markets

IGM organizes Booth faculty efforts to influence public policy and the practice of business around the world. By hosting expert panels, visiting thought leaders, and conferences, IGM raises the impact of Booth research.

Accounting Research Center

ARC coordinates accounting research at Booth and hosts research brown bags and workshops. It also publishes the Journal of Accounting Research, one of the top accounting research journals in the world.

Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence

This center supports researchers from across Booth and UChicago in making revolutionary advances in the applications of AI. Their work touches fields as diverse as finance, health care, public policy, education, and behavioral science.

Healthcare Initiative

The Healthcare Initiative serves as a center of gravity for the diverse disciplines that engage in healthcare research at Booth and across the university.

Center for Research in Security Prices, LLC

An affiliate of Chicago Booth, CRSP, LLC is the leading provider of historical stock market data for researchers. The center has long been an integral part of the academic and commercial world of financial and economic research.

Booth’s MBA Academic Calendars

Which MBA is right for you? See our MBA program academic calendars below.

Choose Your MBA Program

Full-Time MBA Program

The Full-Time MBA Program provides you with freedom: academic freedom, freedom to take risks, and freedom to define your impact in the world.

Part-Time MBA Programs

Our top-ranked Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs accommodate the schedules and lifestyles of working, goal-oriented professionals.

Executive MBA Program

To gain a global perspective, you need an MBA from a global school. Earn an MBA from Booth in Chicago, London, or Hong Kong without interrupting your career.

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