$5 million gift enhances entrepreneurial opportunities at University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Generous gift from Rattan Khosa, ’79, establishes multi-pronged program for students launching businesses with support of the Polsky Center

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How NYC taxi ride data suggest cozy relationship between big banks and the Fed

Chicago Booth study employs more than 500 million cab rides in Manhattan, finds increased possibility of information leakage around important Fed policy meetings

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Nutrition gap between rich and poor is growing, but don’t blame food deserts, researchers say

Even when families have access to healthier foods, they don’t necessarily buy them.

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10th Year of Chicago Booth/Kellogg School’s Financial Trust Index Shows an Uptick of Public Faith in Markets

A decade after the financial crisis, average faith in market institutions is recovering—especially among high-income individuals and Republicans—while trust in government is on a downward trend

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Why do investors seek out stock swindles?

Some investors buy suspect stocks for the thrill of it, even when they know better

The chance to get rich quick by investing in a penny stock, even if it is widely suspected that the stock price is being manipulated, is too tempting for some investors to resist.

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